This website will serve for those who have Authentic Japanese Treasure Map in their hand but unfortunately they unable to decipher the meaning of treasure signs and code. We also interpret codes and sign found in treasure site. But it's not for FREE.


Page Update:

Friday, April 25, 2008


In this Treasure Map we tampered the DATE and PLACE for security reason, also we dont include the signature of the Japanese Official.

Treasure Site is somewhere in BICOL.

Due to lack of FUND we cannot start our operation.

Any Interested individual, feel free to contact us.



Vonrico said...

How did you got the map? do you know the location of the treasure according to the map?

Ed said...

Who gave u the map..I am asking this because we are gathering treasures sites to operate..we have a financier who can operate ur sites..just give me a call or text me to these nos..09273878173 Ed C. or call me to my landline..4370535 so that we could talk about your sites..tnx

opips Gordon said...

SIR!!!!! WE HAVE ALSO THAT MAP IN OUR HAND!!! IT BARELY LIKE THAT. I know what place exactly is that, we have already dug that, under the bigstone but its hard to analyze what exactly says the map. SIR IM NOT KIDDING WE ALSO HAVE THAT ONE IN OUR HAND. Email me at so we can talk privately, maybe we can meet personally so i can show our copy of the map that you post in here. Im telling the truth promise..

van13helsing said...

i had a copy of this map when I was in highschool (1993)how about a meet up with all the enthusiasts here in Daet? anyone?


taga Daet rin ako, cguro sa meron ng katulad ng post ko na map, sa Caayunan Basud ang sites nyo...

lee woo said...

What goes around comes around. See the link below for more info.


andrea chiu said...

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Cindy Dy said...

I am really impressed from this post! The person who created this post is a generous and knows how to keep the readers connected.Thank you. Please keep on posting.


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